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operation sanjeevini

If you are in US, in case of accidents & medical emergencies you will dial 911 for help. similarly in UK you may dial 999.

What about in Bangalore? for that matter in any city of India?

All these days the victims were at the mercy of Auto drivers to take us to the hospital. But, now this desperate condition no longer exists, at least in Bangalore. You have to dial just 1062. An Ambulance with paramedics will be there at your door step or at the accident spot with in 10 minutes.

On 23rd evening, at Hotel Atria, Bangalore there was a small function to thank the crew of "OPERATION SANJEEVINI" (the team behind 1062) on the occassion of saving 100th life in Bangalore. The victims spoke how their lives (and family) were saved by telephoning 1062.

Dear Friends, Operation sanjeevini is a network of hospitals having dedicated abulances to manage Accidents & emergencies in and around Bangalore. You have to just call 1062 anywhere within 100 km radius of Bangalore, you will get help.

THIS IS FREE OF COST!!!!Please utilise this when you need it and spread this message to all of your friends, kiths & kins.

bye, thank u for reading
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